How to mine or buy Bytecoin (BCN)

Although Bytecoin (BCN) has been around for over five years, the cryptocurrency isn’t talked about much. The recent surge in the price of Bytecoin has finally made people take notice of it.

Although Bytecoin offers many of the same use-cases as Bitcoin, it is more privacy and anonymity-oriented than even Bitcoin. Basically, Bytecoin developers took the best of Bitcoin and improved on it.

Because of the team behind the coin keeping to themselves and remaining anonymous for most of the coin’s existence, the Bytecoin remained largely obscure and didn’t get the same kind of attention that Monero got, which is actually a fork of Bytecoin. Over the last one year, the Bytecoin team has become more open and public and they are finally trying to get the cryptocurrency the recognition it deserves. Continue reading “How to mine or buy Bytecoin (BCN)”