What is 20 XRP reserve in Ripple Wallets?

If you recently bought some XRP from an exchange and were looking to transfer them to your wallet, you might have come across something called a Ripple Reserve or XRP minimum balance. Basically, Ripple requires every wallet address to have a minimum XRP for activation and functioning. The base reserve requirement is 20 XRP right now. Continue reading “What is 20 XRP reserve in Ripple Wallets?”

Best Ripple (XRP) wallets: Hardware and software

Over the last few months, Ripple (XRP) has emerged as one of the most promising cryptocurrencies. If you are looking to invest in Ripple, you might be wondering about a good wallet to store it. In this article, I will suggest a couple of popular and secure Ripple wallets that you can use.

It is important to note here that because of a Ripple network restriction, you need at least 20 Ripple aka XRP to activate any new wallet. Also, the Ripple network requires a minimum 20 XRP balance at all times, so if you change your Ripple wallet, you will end up losing the 20 XRP. Therefore, choose one of the following wallets and stick to it. Continue reading “Best Ripple (XRP) wallets: Hardware and software”

How to buy Ripple (XRP) with a credit card

Ripple (XRP) has emerged as the fastest growing cryptocurrency of the recent times. In fact, Ripple was the best-performing cryptocurrency of 2017. It has moved past Ethereum to take the second spot behind Bitcoin among the biggest cryptocurrencies based of their total market capitalization.

Given all the buzz surrounding the currency, many consumers like you are looking to invest some of their holdings in Ripple. So, here is a quick way to buy Ripple using a credit card. Continue reading “How to buy Ripple (XRP) with a credit card”